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Critical Conversations - Company Leaders

1:1 Sessions - With Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

  • 217 US dollars
  • Multiple Online Sessions


Workshop Includes: • 45-Minute Workshop with Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh (Critical Conversations & Negotiation Coach | Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant) • 19-minute follow up session (recommended within two weeks after workshop) • One-month free access to the Critical Conversations Group Forum. Keywords: Negotiation; Buy-in; Conflict; De-escalation; Ideas and Dissent; Inter-office Politics; Providing Feedback; Emotion Creep; Employee Motivation; Employee Productivity; Tactical Silence; Defense Mechanisms; Real Commitment; Problem Solving; Defensiveness; Empathy; Virtual Meetings; Skepticism; Supervisor Effectiveness; Supervisor Development; Professional Development; Employee Morale. How things will change for you after the workshop, depending on your needs: • You will be able to eliminate ‘future fear’ to clear the mind of your peer. • You will know what to do with obvious skepticism • You will learn the perfect questions to ask when you get cornered or stuck. • You will be able to knock down or bypass defense mechanisms & mental barriers. • You will know how to uncover hesitations & what to do once you have identified them. • You will know how to phrase vital questions to prevent your peer from becoming defensive and having to ‘defend their honor’. • You will be able to effectively use tactical silence to buy time, gain understanding, & build trust. • You will recognize defensive patterns and lead conversations to a place better than where they normally go. • You will be able to apply the proper probing techniques to drill down to the actual issue faced. • You will know how to get your peer to solve the problem that you are facing (taking much of the weight off you). • You will prevent being taken advantage of. • You will know what to do when emotion creeps into the conversation. • You will learn how to get buy-in for your ideas. • You will know how to effectively express ideas and dissent. • You will be able to de-escalate sensitive situations. • You will enhance employee goal setting and productivity. • You will know how to provide better feedback. • You will know how to generate empathy. • You will know how to more effectively navigate inter-office politics. • You will learn the 3-minute secret to preventing hours of misunderstanding & productivity loss. • You will be able to effectively manage energy ‘in the room while leading virtual meetings. • You will know how to get real commitment, action & avoid the ‘fake yes'.

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