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Get ROI For the Salaries You're Paying

1:1 Sessions With Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

  • 217 US dollars
  • Multiple Online Sessions


Conley and Zigarmi say it perfectly, "Every day the spirits of millions of people die at the front door of their workplace." People bring powerful passions, tremendous talents, specific skills, and grand ambitions to their company. Complacency and other forces quickly begin to deaden those passions, ambitions, and talents (PATs). Tapping into them is no longer a priority. Discover specific techniques as well as effective mindsets to bring out the most in employees and colleagues. GET BETTER ROI FOR THE VIRTUAL WORKFORCE SALARIES YOU’RE PAYING Workshop Includes: • 45-Minute Workshop with Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh (Crucial Conversations & Negotiation Coach | Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant) • 19-minute follow up session (recommended within two weeks after workshop) • E-Guide: Proven Components to Build Trust, Change Behavior, and Drive Performance Keywords: Employee Retention; Employee Motivation; Employee Productivity; Employee Talent; Supervisor Effectiveness; Supervisor Development; Professional Development; Employee Morale, Organizational Commitment. How things will change for you after the workshop: • You will be able to use quick-hit, 2 to 7-minute conversations to have a tremendous impact on employee retention, performance, morale, motivation, development, and even organizational commitment. • You will Identify new perspectives on resources necessary to engage employees. • You will discover how to lead and motivate others with minimal time commitment. • You will be able to create a stronger working relationship with any employee/colleague. • You will have access to a list of quick questions to start effective conversations. • You will learn how to tie an employee’s passions, talents, and ambitions (PAT’s) into ANY job level or type.

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