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Tactics for Employee Behavior Change

1:1 Sessions - With Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

  • 217 US dollars
  • Multiple Online Sessions


VIRTUAL TRAINING AND WORKSHOP TACTICS THAT TURN LEARNING INTO BEHAVIOR Workshop Includes: • 45-Minute Workshop with Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh (Critical Conversations & Negotiation Coach | Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant) • 19-minute follow up session (recommended within two weeks after workshop) • E-Guide: 10 Proven Training and Workshop Tactics that Turn Learning into Behavior Keywords: Training/Learning Transfer; Employee Productivity; Audience Engagement; Training ROI; Facilitator Effectiveness; Supervisor Development; Professional Development. HOW THINGS WILL CHANGE FOR YOU AFTER THE WORKSHOP, DEPENDING ON YOUR NEEDS: • You will be able to skip the awkward introductions and immediately set high energy in your virtual training environment. • You will have the tools needed to get live, anonymous (which means more accurate) feedback, as well as audience “temperature checks”. • You will be able to EFFECIVELY use discussions to get and maintain engagement and give your audience a sense of purpose. • You will learn how PowerPoints kill audience attention, engagement, and learning transfer, and what to do instead. • You will know what to do when the energy dips in your virtual learning environment. • You will be able to confidently use story telling to earn the focus and memory of your audience. • You will be able to use the scientific secret to lock in learning, understanding, and workplace application from your audience. • You will learn how to add supervisor support, and even train other employees, without having them directly involved in your workshop.

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