Meet TurnBoot

The Story Behind the Name


TurnBoot...the name is not elegant. Neither are the issues that organization’s face. From the challenging behaviors to complex personalities, unwinding the complex is the passion behind

TurnBoot Organizational Excellence.

Oh yes. Our name? Nothing at TurnBoot is just "check the box". Each interaction is designed for unique functional impact, just like our name.


Behavioral researchers have discovered that when two or more people are standing up together talking and you want to join them (think company gathering, networking event, public event) you should look at their feet. If their feet are facing towards each other, it's a private conversation and they likely don't want to be bothered. However, if feet are pointing outwards, read it like a welcome mat.

~So, when standing in a group and you want others to join, turn your boot. When we know more about human behavior,

we can get better results.~

Behavioral Issues
 · High Turnover · Poor Business Structure

Low Morale · Low productivity · Poor Engagement

Communication Problems · Time Management Issues

Personalities · Work-style Differences

To make sense of it all, TurnBoot will assist in driving your organization to excellence.

A Short Video

To Introduce You to TurnBoot


Jeremy Lucabaugh, Ph.D.


Employee Communication & Negotiation Coach |

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Consultant

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh is Principal at TurnBoot Organizational Excellence, LLC and Founder of SEBOC, LLC (The Society of Evidence-Based Organizational Consulting). He has served a variety of organizations, ranging from just a few to over 10,000 employees. He has developed corporate leadership, onboarding and communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture and time management systems. He has owned other businesses in both management consulting and the wholesale food industry.

In addition to his corporate experience, as a professor he has taught Master's and Doctoral students in leading organizational change, corporate training and development, workplace motivation and attitudes, organizational behavior and management, leadership and supervision styles, and organizational culture. He has also created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and human resources courses for both national and international clients.

His critical conversations and negotiation coaching, analysis of personality through psychometric assessments, supervisor and team workshops, and engagement systems have resulted in observable behavioral change, enhanced corporate culture, and increased retention.

He is the author of the study Organizational Socialization Training (OST), Tenure, and Predicting Organizational Commitment, available from ProQuest.