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Leading and Letting Shine

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Quick Hit Pro Tip on Leading - Delegating - Managing

If someone reports to you, they were hired by your company. If they were hired by your company, they have an ability as unique as you are. No matter the job level, that ability should be prized. If we want that ability to shine, we must be careful how much we managed vs. delegate. Managing is similar to telling someone how to do something.

Delegating is allowing someone to apply their unique talents and passions to an assignment. Leading is delegating, with the added component of trust. This creates empowerment, individual identity that aligns with the organization's identity, trust, respect, growth for both parties, pride, confidence, team orientation, and on and on.

As a leader, your success does not rely on how successful you are. It is a product of how successful you allow others on your team to be. We don’t make others successful. We do, however have the opportunity to create the environment to allow them to thrive, be successful, and make us successful in return.

Nobody gets a new job and says I can't wait to have someone forget why I was hired and leave my contribution to the company, development, and career to an inward-focused micro-manager. True leaders bring the opposite. Be a true leader.

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