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Teambuilding (as it is): A Poor Use of Valuable Time

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Four tips for lasting impact, rather than just checking a box!

Teambuilding vs. Team Valuing and Appreciation

Team-building can provide a great opportunity to de-stress and increase camaraderie. There is value in that. The opportunity for greater impact, however is often missed.

This impact and greatest value can be achieved when we change the goal of team-building from “let's have a good time and de-stress” to “let's re-engage and re-discover what we value in in each other.” This is accomplished by turning team-building into team-valuing.

If there are disengaged employees, they’ll remain that way after standard team-building. Disengaged employees likely feel that the talents and passions they brought to the company have been undervalued, ignored, and maybe even dismissed. However, team-valuing is a huge opportunity for even the most disgruntled employees to feel at the very least understood, and at best, valued and appreciated. This happens through the opportunity to discuss and showcase their natural talents and passions.

The great news is that a few simple tweaks will turn team-building into team-valuing. So how do you get lasting impact and value from team-building?

First, take into account the very real differences with each person’s productivity and personality styles. Have people discuss a project or a vacation, and how they would go about planning, executing, and celebrating it. Discuss each other’s unique traits, preferences, and even quirks.

Next, provide the opportunity to interact with new people. Find ways to connect those who don't usually engage with each other. For those at any leadership level, engage with someone who would never expect it. This can be one of the most impactful experiences they'll have, and a memory they'll happily share with others.

Also, be careful of the “fun trap.” The fun ideas are great. But if the plan is only to check the box and have a good time, you’ll miss the opportunity to make a real difference! Create the main goal to have people feel valued and appreciated. Making the goal to value and appreciate others will pay off, big time.

Lastly, focus on the talents and passions of each other. Each person on your team is great at something, both at work and away from work. Find out what motivates them and really excites them. How? Just ask, "Hey, what are you really good at?" It's that easy.

Remember, people will either feel valued, or will simply shrug it off as a check-the-box experience. Help your team experience something that could be a complete game-changer for everyone.

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