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10 Training & Workshop

Tactics for Impact

That Turn Employee

Learning Into Behavior

By Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh 

Research Indicates That Generally 45%-80% of Training Dollars And Resources Are Wasted

Create a Training or Workshop Experience That 

Turns Employee Learning Into Behavior


Dr. Lucabaugh is an industrial/organizational psychology consultant and professor. He's served organizations with just 10 to over   

10,000 employees, and has developed corporate leadership, onboarding and communication programs, as well as employee engagement, culture and time management systems. 

He's created statistics, research methods, leadership, psychology, and human resources courses for national and international clients, and has taught both masters and doctoral students.

His executive coaching, presentations, training/workshops, and analysis of personality, productivity and teams have driven leadership development, corporate culture and retention.

Dr. Lucabaugh is the author of the study Organizational Socialization Training (OST), Tenure, and Predicting Organizational Commitment, available from ProQuest.

Dr. Jeremy Lucabaugh

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